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Best Xiaomi phones of 2020: these are the top Mi, Redmi and Pocophone devices

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This list of the best Xiaomi phones should be one of the first places you look for a new phone if you're in the market for something affordable; phones from this Chinese company combine the features of mid-range or top-end devices, with lower price tags than you'd expect.

Xiaomi is quickly becoming a major player in Europe thanks to its aggressive pricing, with savvy phone buyers seeing the brand as a way to get a device with the latest design and top-end specs, without paying flagship prices. Could 2020 be the year it takes on top competition like Samsung, Huawei and Apple? Only time will tell.

Xiaomi markets its phones under three brand names: Mi, Redmi and Pocophone; Mi tends to be its main mid-range brand, with Redmi and Pocophone being its budget series. Well, Pocophone used to be a sub-brand until it 'declared independence' so to speak, but we've included the one phone it put out while it was still part of Xiaomi.

At the time of writing, our list is mainly populated with Mi smartphones, as that's the brand Xiaomi has focused on in Western markets. However, the company seems to be ramping up releases of Redmi devices, and Pocophone handsets have proven popular too, so we could see a wider mix in the future.

There are two absences from this buying guide at the moment: the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Redmi Note 8T. We're currently reviewing both phones, and we'll add them to this list when we've decided where they rank.

We're also expecting to see the Xiaomi Mi 10 (and maybe other devices from the company) at the Mobile World Congress 2020 expo in February, and there's a good chance that it'll earn a place on this list, seeing as the Mi 9 currently tops it.

Here's our ranking of the best Xiaomi phones, including Mi, Redmi and Pocophone handsets, that you can buy right now.