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Mario Kart Tour Hacks Cheats Tips Earn Rubies and Coins

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After years of experience in a Gaming console, Nintendo is finally available to the android and the iOS users. For the apparent reason, the footprint has been made with their best game Mario Kart Tour.

However, the game has been made more mobile-oriented. Hence even for the console gamers, it is a new experience altogether. Mario Kart Tour is nonetheless an excellent representation of the nostalgia of Kart game to be played with a single finger.

Still, the game has been kept a bit on the conservative side in terms of getting its in-game currencies. In this current guide, we will be furnishing the best of the available methods of obtaining in-game currencies as well as some useful tips so that you can act as a free to play gamer or minimize your spending.

11 Best Mario Kart Tour Hack & Cheats To Get Free Rubies & Coins.

1. Pick Your Driver, Glider and Kart Wisely

How to hack Mario kart tour? The first thing is to get Driver, Glider & Kart. These three elements are the basis on which your entire game depends. To get the best result, you need to understand how to use these three elements most efficiently.

These three elements:

  • the driver, glider, and kart, can directly affect your Position Point in the game. You can check your Position Point before you start each race.
  • Once you reach the higher CC, you will be able to unlock a better variety of the elements.
  • The better the combos of your elements, the higher will be the Position Points. Always try to make a good combo with these elements to increase the chances of your winning. It is the one of the Mario Kart Tour cheats in controlling Mario’s Kart.

2. Set Your Aim to Collect Coin Frenzy

Crafting coins frenzy is one of the most exciting Mario Kart Tour cheats. Once you get three items from the box, you will automatically land a frenzy. Frenzy is considered the best because it has features that can take your driver to the highest speed during the race.

  • You will also be able to collect a chain of combos to get the on-screen items with the help of frenzies.
  • Your ultimate aim in Mario Kart Tour is to collect coins frenzy, and any other extra combos will help you earn additional bonuses.
  • Frenzy weapons are the other great Mario Kart Tour cheats in the game. With the help of these weapons, you can earn extra points by hit your competitors in the race.
  • There are better chances to land a frenzy when you have higher grade Drivers, Gliders, and Kart.

3. Aim To Get a Grand Star

For every race you win, Grand stars will be allotted to you as per your performances in the game. For each race, you can collect a maximum of five stars in the game.

  • In Mario Kart Tour, grand stars are significant Mario Kart Tour cheats as it will help you in unlocking the tours. To grab more tours, you can keep playing the tours again and again until you will be able to unlock a new tour.
  • Another option to get grand stars is by playing weekly tours. Be reminded that these weekly tours don’t get updated in Mario Kart Tour hack Apk.

4. Experience The Smart Steering Option

Smart steering is the other fantastic option in Mario Kart’s tour, especially for the beginners. This Mario Kart Tour hack gives the users great assistance and can change your entire gameplay.

5. Master The Stunts On Air

Next, how to hack Mario Kart Tour stunts. In Mario Kart Tour, performing stunts while being on air will have a very positive impact on your rankings. It not only increases your points but will also unlock some great boosters.

  • It is highly recommended to be done by experienced gamers only. If you are new to Mario Kart Tour and don’t know much about the game, then don’t try to perform it.
  • While performing the stunt, you will be exposed to balloons or dinosaur head in the air. At this moment, you have to touch the screen for additional time, and you will get the boosters. Practice these Mario Kart Tour cheats when you start the game.

6. Login Daily

Another Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour hack is to get coins and rubies by login daily. To earn consistently in the game, you can keep login every day, and you will get the coins after each alternate day. You can make a minimum of 400 coins at every week’s beginning. It is the most straightforward trick to earn coins, even without spending any time playing a single tour. But when you play the game using Mario Kart Tour mod Apk, you can’t get them.

7. Get the Benefit of Drifting Manually

Drifting has become even better with the Mario Kart Tour version. It is quite different from the console version but a lot easy. In this, you can drift by swiping your fingers left to right on the screen. To become Mario, you need to use this Mario Kart Tour hack many a time in the game.

  • Whenever you get a boost, you will notice small sparks around the corners of the tire of your kart. To claim that boosters, release your fingers and your booster will be used.
  • Another Mario Kart hack to get more bonuses is to do manual drifting. However, it is a bit more complicated than the normal drift but carries more rewards.
  • Ultra mini-turbo is the best boosters among all. In ultra mini-turbo, you can get the highest speed boost for drifting. There are a lot of advantages to this booster when performed the right way.

8. Collect More Coins

Coins are the premium currency in Mario Kart Tour. They are used to purchase drivers, gliders, and karts and also for upgrading all of them.

  • When you want to collect coins, the best of Mario Kart Tour Cheats is to play more races. Coins Rush is another best way to earn coins easily and quickly.
  • Do you know why coins are essential in this game? Well, coins can help in increasing your top speed. But, you can apply this Mario Kart Tour hack only ten times in the game. If you have 10 ten coins before a race, then you can easily use this ten times during a race.
  • But we recommend you to collect 13 coins for a race. Every time an item hits you, you will tend to lose three coins. So, make sure to keep a minimum of 13 coins for a race.

9. Keep Replaying the Levels

Mario Kart Tour is a bit stringent about giving coins and rubies. As a result, you need Mario Kart cheats. So for keeping enough amount of coins and rubies, you should keep playing the levels again and again.

  • It is especially crucial for those who don’t want to spend any real money in the game.
  • Grinding is therefore available in the game and best Mario Kart Tour hack. Make it your habit of going for the previous races, - this not only ensures coins and rubies, but also some great rewards can be earned.

10. Coin Rush

As the name suggests, you can earn an incredible amount of coins in this arena. It is slightly different than the main game arena.

  • It is a mini court consisting of a massive number of coins. Racing on this level is a lot easier than the main level.
  • Here you can earn coins at a higher rate and without even using Mario Kart Tour cheats.
  • To get a single multiplier in the coin rush, you need to spend a minimum of 5 rubies. Like this, the number of rubies will keep multiplying along with the number of coins you earn.

11. Get the Free VIP Trial Pass

Nintendo has introduced a free VIP pass trial for its users for two weeks. In this free trial, you will get all the benefits of the VIP passes and can earn lots of boosters and currencies.

-You will always have the option to unsubscribe this facility anytime you want. -If you want to continue this, then you have to spend only a small amount of money on this and will get the benefits of getting great rewards. But you will miss them when you use Mario Kart Tour mod Apk.


Nintendo has always been working to giving the best gaming experience to its users. All the old users of Mario will have an excellent attachment playing this new version. But, we hope to make it easier for you with our guide. To enjoy the game and all its features, we recommend you to stay away from the Mario Kart Tour hack Apk and mods.

Keep yourself updated with all the latest updates of the game and enjoy all the features of this game with the help of the Mario Kart Tour hack and tricks mentioned above.