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Pokemon Masters Hack Cheats Tips and Tricks

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Are you a Hard-core Pokemon enthusiast? A new game is knocking your mobile created by Japanese developer Dena and launched on Android and iOS community very recently.

Pokemon Masters is one prime game in a different mode where not only Pokemon are to be grabbed but you have to tie up with a pair of trainer and Pokemon for a tournament in an artificial island named Pasio.

So buckle up, and create a team to prove your talent along with your Pikachu in Pokemon Masters League.

However it is not straightforward journey to reach the top of the PML unless you have mastered all the nooks and crooks of the game. In this post we have put together the complete list of Pokemon Masters hack and cheats that is available in the game to collect all the game currencies. Once you know all about them you will get an additional benefit than your friends who have just started.

Pokemon Masters Hack And Cheats To Earn Coins And Gems

Coins are the premium currency that can earn you specific items in the game. But it is a tedious process as the earning and exchange ratio is high at current stage. Many gamers are in search of Pokemon Masters cheats that can earn coins and gems.


Unfortunate to state that there is none available as of now that can give you enough coins. The only methods to earn coins is the following:

1. Daily Login Bonuses

As you login every day you get login bonus as Pokemon Masters hack similar to other game. Following are the login bonuses that you receive start playing today:

  • General Login Bonus: 100 gems
  • Launch celebration login Bonus: 200 Gems Available for login daily for 10 days
  • Launch celebration Present: 1000 Pokemon Masters free gems

To collect these bonus you need to go to the present box in the bottom left of the screen. Tap on the claim all presents. Hurry these rewards are available upto one month of launch.

2. Play And Complete More Chapters in Story Mode

As you complete one chapters you will be given bonus of coins. In Pokemon Master you can earn 10 to 20 coins at each stage of the chapters and cumulatively if you do not use them it will end up to a formidable amount to start with in nest chapter.

The foremost Pokemon Masters hack of this is to play story modes in auto and fast and take part in initial battles to earn first time rewards. The first time rewards are 10 Pokemon Masters free gems on each chapter part.

3. Take More Super Training Courses

In Pokemon Master you can take part in super training courses. These courses are available daily and in three cycles you can take part. As you take part in these game you are rewarded with pearls and big pearls. In exchange of pearl and big pearl you get 1000 and 3000 coins. Isn’t it a super Pokemon Masters hack to earn some coins fast?

4. Complete the Daily Missions

You are given some mission daily after you complete chapter 2 and once you complete them you are rewarded. Rewards may vary in coins from 10 to 20 and you may earn various items like evolution crystal. So frequently check your mission tab and complete them to grab the Pokemon Masters hack.

5. Collect Sync Pair Story Rewards

Similar to main story mode there is a sync pair story mode that creates story with your available sync pairs. These stories are perfect Pokemon Masters cheats to collect some gems. As you play these story mode and make right decisions in the story you are rewarded with 10 gems. Although it is a one-time available bonus, but as you grow your sync pair network you get 10 gems each.

Pokemon Masters Hack Cheats To Win PML Wisely

1. Know the Stats accurately

The real time combat in Pokemon Masters is a bit different than other gacha games. There is a speed stat that decides the speed of recharging the move gauge. However the best part is, due to cooperative business the speed stat of all your three member team affect the move gauge filling.

Following is the description of the various stat meters in the game before you know how to hack Pokemon masters. -HP: The amount of damage your Pokemon can withstand. -Attack: damage made with physical move enhances -Defence: Damage through physical move reduces -Special attack: Damage through special move is improved -Special Defence: Damage through special move reduces -Speed: Speed increases to fill the move gauge

2. Team Building:

Team building is an essential element to win the battles. Considering the weakness stat of your opponent and merely trusting the sync pairs is not enough in forming your roaster. Opponents weakness may vary based on different strength and hence it is better to stick to a particular Pokemon, instead of switching them frequently. In that case your battle strategy may be channelized properly.

The best way of how to hack Pokemon Masters team building is simply same like the other RPG games and it should consist of one central attacker and two defender. Fortunately when you come across months of summon of heroes in other game, here in the story mode you can choose to make alliances with different heroes.

3. Evolving Pokemon

Each battle takes away specific evolution material in the game. These evolution materials are available through a large amount of coins. So instead of evolving your Pokemon from the first instance it is always suggested to wait for a few levels and understand the gameplay accurately.

But how to get the coins in Pokemon Masters is many gamers question. At this early stage of game DeNA have not kept much options to earn coins. But as of now we have found the following exhaustive Pokemon Masters hack list to earn coins and gems.

A Few Additional Tips For Beginners

- To Increase Your Move Gauge Save Coins

As you increase the coin income you need to know what the best purchase in Pokemon masters is so that your earned coins can be used at its best. Although many gamers believe that evolution packages are best shot to use coins first; but my Pokemon Masters cheats are a bit different.

In real battle you require move slots to use the special skills. So the first thing you need to use is to save enough coins to buy available move slots and use them perfectly in the battle.

- Take Advantage of AI Gameplay

While playing the 3v3 battle the AI always attack your most defensive player. It keeps your striker out of the heat and you can use this as an advantage while choosing your team. Make various combination with the defence and attack from the other end to hit the opponent and rundown your opponent. Use these Pokemon Masters cheats while AI is busy attacking your defence Pokemon.

- Stay Away From Auto Battle

Auto battle is sometimes a time saver in the game but it is highly not that is to be adopted at the early stage. In auto mode the AI uses your highest powered move first against your opponent. While at the start you can win battles with your normal moves.

This Pokemon Masters hack may be a good game changer for your Pokemon at the start of game. But once you are highly levelled up and have a balanced team you can go for the auto play.

Take Heed of Pokemon Masters Mod APK, Cheat Codes And Hack Apk Internet is heaped up with tricks cheat codes and Pokemon Masters hack apk. But when you get engaged with the game you must also be careful about these tricky sites that are spreading garbage around in the name of Pokemon Masters hack apk. Simply these sites are hoax to attract internet traffic.

In all our article we warn our readers about mod apk and here also we repeat once for our new readers. Never download any Pokemon Masters mod apk to be safe from malware attacks. Never waste your time against human verification.


After release in one week and enormous success in collection the game is downloaded by 5 million android users till. Those who are in search of the Pokemon Masters hack stay tuned in our site for getting new updates as the game expand.

It is now needed how the developers keep on maintaining such success in future but one title that suits the game surely is its highly engagement. A perfect combined gacha game with touch of RPG and also interactive stories has made it a game of new genre mix.