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WhatsApp: Bill may require user to provide CPF

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A Bill of Law (PL) can change the conditions of use of application providers on the Internet , including services such as WhatsApp , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , Twitter and Telegram . Sent to the Federal Senate on the last 4th of July by Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), the PL 113/2020 proposes the requirement to provide the CPF in the register made on social networks , changing an excerpt from the Marco Civil da Internet .

The PL text argues that the initiative aims to prevent the use of fake profiles on social networks. According to the justification, this would be "the main strategy of malicious users to spread disinformation over the network, favoring the proliferation of so-called fake news ". The senator also cites the lack of specific legislation to prevent the creation of these profiles.

If approved, the Bill will change the conditions of use for both new users and those already registered on the platforms. Service providers must demand the data when registering, in addition to re-registering all existing accounts within 180 days.

The PL is still in the initial stage of processing in the Senate and, after an eventual approval, goes to the Chamber of Deputies. If he receives the necessary number of votes in the two houses of Congress, he is sent for sanction or veto by the President of the Republic.

Fighting fake news The fight against fake news has been intense since the 2018 General Elections, including by companies such as Google , Facebook and Twitter, who announced their participation in the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) 's Program to Combat Disinformation , which seeks to combat negative developments. false news, especially in the 2020 Municipal Elections.

WhatsApp, which admitted the use of its platform for the illegal sending of messages in the last electoral process , has also banned hundreds of thousands of accounts for mass shootings . In 2018, Facebook added a button to combat fake news , which provides users with articles from different sources about the news displayed in the feed, in order to improve the quality of information.